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What you do and don’t need to buy for college


All these stores are trying to convince you that you need this and that, but how do you know what you’re actually going to use and what’s going to end up in the trash bin by the end of the semester? I’m going to cut through the BS that everyone’s trying to sell you so you can determine for…

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Amazon Prime is running this special where kids who sign up with their .edu emails get six months of Prime for free, and then 50% off Prime after that.

What’s included in Prime?

  • Free two-day shipping on eligible orders from Amazon (I’ve never ordered anything that wasn’t eligible)
  • Free
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friendly reminder that “your grades don’t define you" doesn’t mean that slacking off in school is fine, it means that you should be proud of what you HAVE achieved and not get too hung up over a bad grade every now and again.

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Determined to hunt down all jayhawks and follow them on social media.

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10 Things Every Mother should Teach her Daughter


  1. How to cook
  2. How to comb her hair
  3. How to keep a room tidy
  4. How to take pride in her appearance
  5. How to manage money
  6. The magic of common courtesy
  7. To view everyone with equality
  8. How to stand up for herself and her beliefs
  9. To work towards goals
  10. How to value the produce of hard labour

It’s shocking how I came up with this list. I had to learn most of this on my own.

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